Where are Pause and Break keys on new Lenovo keyboards?

Second generation of Lenovo Thinkpads (like the X220) is the last one that featured full keyboard layout you're used to from desktop keyboard. Since T430, X230, etc. Lenovo made some questionable choices in their keyboard layout.

If you're developer like me, you probably found in problematic, that you don't have Pause and Break keys on your new Lenovo keyboard (in my case T480s). But fear not. They are not gone. They are just hidden under following keypress combinations.

  • Break
    • Fn + B
    • Fn + Ctrl + B
  • SysRq
    • Fn + S
  • ScrLK
    • Fn + K
  • Pause
    • Fn + P
    • Fn + Alt + P
    • Fn + Ctrl + P)
  • Context menu
    • Shift + F10

Unfortunately they multimedia keys, previously located at cursor keys, are completely gone. That is a big downside of the new keyboard layout for me. Only chance you have is to map them using AutoHotkey. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to map the Fn key and arrow keys using AutoHotkey and other combinations (Ctrl or Alt) are already taken by my developer shortcuts. I think the decision to remove Play/Pause/Next/Previous keys from mid-segment business laptop is debatable at best and I don't understand what led to that decision. Especially when I take into account the fact that the arrow keys and Fn combination is not used for anything useful anyway.